All quiet

Well I’ve updated the WordPress version and in the process lost all my category names. So I hacked at the database a bit and got all the names reinstated. And then I converted all the categories to tags, and now all my posts are “uncategorised”. Cue gnashing of teeth.

I really like WordPress. It’s slick and it just works. Until it doesn’t. And something about that upgrade didn’t. Now maybe it’s my fault for not rolling back upon seeing the fault. But ‘just barrel on and fix it’ is somehow inscribed on my brain. Thank goodness I had proper access to the database.

I’m also mulling over a bit of a refresh to the template I’m using. Just as soon as I can find some down-time in which to throw Jquery, some CSS and some PotatoChop at a wall and see what sticks.

Internal monologue ends.

One thought on “All quiet

  1. I’ve just updated to the latest version of WordPress myself and thankfully no problems apart from the odd plug-in that didn’t work and needed updating, anyway all seems to be working ok for now, lets just wait till the next update in about 2 months and see how we do then.

    I’ve also gone ahead with a template/theme change to mine, this ones got revolving photo-banner,supposed to show a different picture as the banner when you revisit the page, so far I’ve uploaded 10 to it, thinking I’ll change them every month (If I remember)

    Anyway whats your Purple name ?

    Hush Puppies be mine name 🙂

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