Clerkenwell Burrito Diary – Wrap It Up! Leather Lane


So, let’s be frank, it’s a proper ballsy move to open up a shop selling Mexican street food inspired lunches within sight – and about a 20 second stroll – of the Daddy Donkey trailer. And this is what this franchisee of the “Wrap It Up!” brand has done.

On first impressions I don’t think the DD crew have much to be afeared of. My beef Burrito featured beef ground so heavily I could not discern much texture, and it appeared to have been rapidly cooked in a very vinegary sauce. There were sour vinegar notes assailing my nose after every bite. The uneven distribution of ingredients meant that I didn’t get any Guacamole until right at the end of my burrito, and unfortunately it was not worth waiting for, being rather sloppy and lacking in texture. I detected little in the way of black-bean in the filling, with only a  few solitary beans mixed amongst the beef and rice. I also had to opt for the largest size in order to get something of a similar order of quantity to Daddy D. Traces of cheddar and salsa there were, but by no means enough to push enough of their way to the tastebuds past all the vinegar.

Now it’s fair to say that WIU’s menu offers more variety than just mexican street food with piri-piri, shish and felafel 3 of the various other options available, and this will stand in their favour. Also the option of a variety of sizes will play to an audience who perhaps are not as greedy^D^D^D^D^D^Dcapacious as me.

But this is a Burrito Diary, so begin and end with the Burrito I must. I might well invest an extra 20 seconds next time. Victory to the big Daddy in this contest, no doubt.

Edit: Wrap it Up on Leather Lane closed some time ago.

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  1. Indeed, on reflection. That burrito looks quite shyte when you think about the chunky meatiness of a big ol Daddy D

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