Chipotle: Wardour Street – Steak Salad

Not strictly a burrito, is it, a salad? But still. Here we are. I arrived just as the fresh steak pieces were being chopped out. It seemed churlish to choose anything else.

This is my first proper Diary since departing Clerkenwell. I am still mourning the loss of my regular Daddy Donkey. But the choice around Fitzrovia is excellent so I’ve been well comforted by Freebird x2, El Burrito, Benito’s Hat x 2 and Chipotle.

The Fajita vegetables are well spiced, sweet and juicy, the brown rice is lovely, the steak a perfect medium rare. The extra corn salsa and black beans were brilliantly balanced and made it through the great hot sauce. Chipotle, you make me happy. The only down side is the cost of the (admittedly very good) Guacamole. At £1.40 it’s a bit on the steep side.

Benito’s Hat is still a firm favourite locally but Chipotle is worth the small extra walk. I’m also still a definite convert to the open Burrito – being able to take one’s time and see what you’re eating is a great benefit.

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