Clerkenwell Burrito Diaries – Feed a cold, day two


Every trip to Feebird’s Exmouth Market stall just reminds me why I so readily claim they’re the best option round here. The pinto beans were perfect, in their delicious sauce, the lime & coriander rice shines through and binds all the other flavours. And then there’s the pork; a generous portion of beautifully marinated quality shredded meat, many dimensions of flavour deeper than the competition. The hot sauce was tangy and offered up a good wedge of lunchtime endorphins.

I made it to the stall in good time to get guacamole too. From memory I’d say that only Chilango’s comes close. Brilliant stuff today. I savoured every morsel and was so happy I even forgot the apple strudel I brought back with me from the cake stall until well into the afternoon.

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