Holga Cable Release

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My much awaited cable-release kit has just arrived, along with a new Glass-Lensed Holga. Though the release kit was intended for use with my older, plastic lensed beauty, I immediately attempted to put the cable release frame onto the new camera body, only to discover a fairly important, but totally niche piece of information.

The standard Holga cable release kit will not fit onto the Holga GCFN (the code for the glass-lensed version). This is because the screw hole for a tripod shoe is in a slightly different location on the two different types of Holga.

I’m sure that careful use of a Dremel and a little creativity would mean that it’s still eminently feasible to cut a bit out of the release kit to allow it to fit onto the GCFN, but I’m glad that my intention to use it with the plastic lensed CFN meant that no such plastic sculpting was necessary. Also, given that the tripod shoe from my Gorilla pod (and no doubt any other sort of tripod) butts directly against the body of the kit once it’s attached to the camera, and helps clamp it into place, any DIY adjustment to this fairly important area of the thing might make it less stable and therefore less fit for purpose.

But now the kit is in place, I have one body for tripod shots and long exposures and one for everyday use. I also look forward to seeing what differences, if any, the glass vs. plastic lens makes. Results coming soon to a flickr photostream near you.

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