Clerkenwell Burrito Round Up

“What’s the best Burrito in Clerkenwell?” Is a question I’m asked more frequently than you’d think. I guess it’s my own fault for banging on about burritos so much. It’s not a very easy question to answer. But for me it’s field of three. And that’s if you extend Clerkenwell to include Fleet Street.

Also my list takes into account the fact that I tend not to bother with Chicken, and I’ve not had a vegetarian Burrito since returning to being a carnivore. So tastes and opinions may well vary. 

First and second place are so close as to be a virtual tie. But my love of all things porky decides the winner.

  1. Freebird Carnitas with Pinto Beans and Hot Salsa
    It’s got more depth of flavour in the marinade than pork from any other establishment. The pinto beans are delicious. Don’t bother adding the (excellent) Guacamole for this one though, to preserve the clear porky spicy deliciousness. Plus what an excellent hot sauce. A straight up no nonsense parcel of delicious.
    Pro tip: Get there early.
  2. Daddy Donkey naked Shredded Beef Daddy D with Hot Salsa & extra Guacamole
    Since last year when the Leather Lane stalwart and figurehead of London’s Burrito growth abandoned the experimental extra options of feta, seeds and the like and ditched breakfast, they’ve doubled down on their core product. The Tomatillo was renamed “Shredded Beef” to differentiate it from the Picadillo (ground marinated beef) but remains the best of their options in my opinion. Choosing the naked option allows you to select mouthfuls of the different flavour options.
    Pro Tip: They’re usually fine with you asking to add a few bits of Fajita veg too to mix things up a bit.
  3. Chilango Steak and Pinto Beans with Guacamole, and of course, hot salsa.
    Yeah ok, so strictly not Clerkenwell. But it’s worth the extra walk. When the steak is at its best this one takes a bit of beating. If you eat in you can take andvantage of their extra hot sauce of course, which adorns every table. The black bean option is also delicious.
    Pro tip: If you’re going to eat on the way back to the office, stop at Boots and get some Rennie.

With the VML London office moving north to pastures new it seemed fitting to offer a concise summary of my findings during the last 5 and-a-bit years here. Fill your boots!


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