Barclays Bike Delivery Van smashed into bikes

If your bike is one of the ones parked on the Sheffield Stands on the North end of Hatton Garden, I’d make a careful inspection and if there’s any damage (it was quite a crunch the impact made) take it up with TfL/Serco. Van registration MX10 NGZ. I’ll be leaving a note on the two which bore the brunt of the impact shortly…

Oh and these images are (c) Sam Carrington, and I do not want them commercially re-used, thankyou very much.

6 thoughts on “Barclays Bike Delivery Van smashed into bikes

  1. Posting this and taking pictures is a small act of heroism most wouldn’t bother with. Well done 🙂 x

  2. I’m just hoping there isn’t too much damage to the bikes. They didn’t seem too mangled. It remains to be seen if they’re rideable.

  3. Posting this and taking pictures is a small act of heroism most wouldn’t bother with. Well done 🙂 xReally? didnt you check the damage once you took the picture or point out to the driver what had happened? If you left a note on the bikes surely you will have seen what damage was left.Looking at the picture the truck is close but it doesn’t show any damage.

  4. One of the bikes was actually that of one of my team members, I discovered on leaving the office this evening. I wasn’t overly confrontational with the driver at the time of the incident, but I made it clear I would be posting images online and leaving notes. He saw me taking photos. I mainly wanted to identify the vehicle having done the damage.My colleague’s bike had it’s pedal torn and bent, the crank still appeared to function, but I would worry on the general health of the drive train and frame after being scrunched like it was. I hope he was able to ride it home safely.

  5. I would also say that it was a low speed accident. And the position in which you see the trailer is after it had passed the stands and the driver got out to inspect things.

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