Waiter, Waiter!


It had all started so well, with a sunny lunchtime stroll to the DD Van, a decision to go a trifle carb light and opt for a naked Burrito. I also took the chance to try some of Daddy Donkey’s new extras, adding in some chipotle coleslaw to the bowl. Now that turned out to be very good, and it was a great change being able to savour each forkful of food rather than push the wrap into my face like I so often do.

But my enjoyment was suddenly and unavoidably soured by the discovery of the hair. Thankfully it was not a short one, I take some small comfort from that. But oh dear. 

This post was going to be titled something amusing like “Hot and Naked in Clerkenwell”, if only for the ensuing traffic spike. That was until I found a booby trap in my Burrito bowl. Hair is not a stated nor desirable ingredient in my lunch thankyou! Hence; “waiter, there’s a hair in my Tomatillo Beef”.

I shall be treading with caution to the Donkey Van in future. 0/10 this fair Monday.

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