Serendipitous Burrito – Chipotle Charing Cross


Visiting the west end of a weekend is not on my top 50 list of things to do in London. But there I was. And while waiting for my better half to finish trying on her maternity trousers, I noticed that the lovely Bear had checked in across the other side of Soho at a place I did not know existed. Oxford Street’s throngs – even on a Sunday – had taken it out of us both, and snacks were called for. “What do you feel like?” she asked. Well there was really only one answer.

We strolled through the sunshine, and reached Chipotle with more than reasonable appetites. I’d seen warnings of the cost in Foursquare but frankly the temptation of the chunky and appetising Guacamole and the even greater temptation of a bottle of Brooklyn lager with my burrito was more than I could take.

It was a new place to me, and I had queries. The burrista (my word, just coined, I’m probably more proud if it than I should be) was generous in response to my questions. Carnitas here is cooked for six hours, the Barbacoa for 8. That trumped it for me so I went for the shredded beef.

Just as my burrito was being assembled, one of the kitchen staff brought out a pan of fresh steak. The stuff was cooked to perfection and beautifully diced. Pink and even perhaps a little blue in places, with well grilled outsides; just begging to be sampled. I had to ask. And very kindly the server delivered a tasting pot of steak chunks for me while I waited for the complete wraps we’d ordered. Brilliant! The steak chunks tasted as they looked, with a background hint of spice from a marinade, whetting my appetite for the little donkey to come.

My partner in crime went for chicken. There were choices of rice, but we both opted for brown, for the novelty and the deliciousness. Pinto beans complemented both too. With guac and the hotter sauce on mine. 

Well, I must say we were not disappointed. Well drained pinto beans and succulent shreds of very good beef; flavours and textures ran well right throughout the wrap, with even the flour tortilla being top notch. The additional hot sauce on the tables (“Chipotle” smoked Tabasco, yes please!) topped off my snack a treat, with the top of my head itching from the Chilli, I still got a balanced flavour from the food, with all the avocado and beef still singing to me through the heat. All nailed together with a cool delicious beer. Bear I salute you and your burrito scouting skill.

That steak needs a proper sampling. I’m going to have to come back to the West End aren’t I. 


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