Clerkenwell Burrito Diary – Daddy Donkey Breakfast Burrito


I cracked. I had to try it. Dammit now I’m going to have to get to Chilango an compare it to theirs. But not today. Today is the daddy’s. I opted for melted cheese; it’s melted onto tortilla hotplate so the outer of the burrito ends a bit more toasted than usual. Although this made the filling slightly harder to eat neatly it tasted great. The addition of corn salsa was good but I might go for tomato next time. The sausage was generous and satisfyingly herby. My only critique was the microwaved eggs, but I totally understand the need to prep on demand in this way!

I had no hangover today but boy would this make an awesome cure with some hot sauce. Oh yes. Be warned though it’s almost as big as a standard daddy-d burrito so it’s not a breakfast for the faint-hearted.

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