Clerkenwell Burrito Diary – Daddy Donkey extra hot salsa


Today was the day I decided to try the extra hot salsa from Daddy D’s…

Wow! It began with the familiar twinges on the top of my scalp from chilli and built from there. This is some cold cure, delaying a fatal blow to my disco flu from the weekend. Within minutes my nose was streaming and under-eye sweating was overtaken by endorphin laden chilli tears streaming from my eyes. One bottle of chocolate milk was rapidly consumed and I had to stagger half-blind from capsaicin induced weeping across the studio to the water cooler.

One hour later and the ride has mellowed to just a dull soreness of the tongue. Thankyou Daddy D for a great ride but I might take it a modicum less fiery next time if only to enable me to taste the other ingredients!

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