Howard Rheingold at NESTA

I’ve just heard Howard Rheingold speak at the NESTA Connect event “Mass Collaboration, Tools, Techniques and Foundations”. Quite a milestone for me really, given that the guy is something of a luminary. For him to be speaking in my place of work was quite entertaining and he gave an idea packed presentation, as I expected.

Anyway I’ll save full reactions until I am no longer at the office and can absorb stuff fully. This is just to say that the recording of the talk is now online and can be got from the NESTA Podcast feed.

Alternatively you can grab it directly from the server :

Howard Rheingold – Mass collaboration, Tools, Techniques and Foundations.

Mark Earl also gave an entertaining and informative speech relating to themes he develops in his book, “Herd”. I’ll be uploading that forthwith too.

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