Cranky Brothers

Specialized Sirrus ProA new bike to replace the one stolen last week, and its arrival has cheered me up no end, deciding as I did to go up the range to console myself. First ride on it this morning. So, I leap on, all togged up and ready for an entertaining ride to work. And I can’t clip in to my pedals. And for 30 minutes I’m slipping off them in annoying metal-on-metal-in-rain ways. And at every lights I have a false start because I can’t lift accelerate. Every attempt to clip in, at any angle or force fails.

So I get to work and do a quick search and (nesto, this might be relevant to you to…) it would appear that the SPD cleats I have in my shoes are not compatible with the crank brothers clip pedals fitted to the new bike.

And a pair of cleats is going to cost me frickin £18 :/. And that’s if I’m able to remove the thoroughly gritted-in ones already on my shoes.

This message comes to you from the “should have bought Shimano M520 after all” dept.

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