The Machine is Us/ing Us

Handy-dandy little 5 minute synopsis of web2.0 concepts:


Very useful to explain stuff I take for granted to people who might not even know what hypertext is. It manages to slip in the phrase “XML facilitates automated data exchange” too, which I liked in an otherwise layman friendly presentation. We’ll get them, by stealth if we have to!

To say it’s caused something of a buzz is an understatement and it’s frankly pretty brilliant that an Ethnographer has shown marketeers a thing or two about creating viral content. He hits the nail on the head when he identifies that the main reason for its popularity is probably the fact that the content speaks of and to the people responsible for spreading it. From 10 to 1.1 million views in just over 2 weeks.

Wired article: We are the web
Professor Michael Wesch’s Youtube page
Michael Wesch’s page at
Digital Ethnography @ KSU

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