On Balance

Radio 4 this morning (Download – 24’20” in to the hour) has managed to remind me of an amusing discovery I made last year while wandering around the web. It’s just the sort of tangental wander that I wish I had time to make more of, and one of the reasons I love the web.

While working for a great agency, I began discussing the EINE letters with one of the staff who like me, lived in that part of East London scattered with them. He had purchased a poster of the entire alphabet, and though I had seen a lot of them, I realised I had no idea where to find all 26.

So I went surfing. Flickr being an obvious first call I dropped in and hit paydirt almost immediately. Fellow East Londoner Dave Gorman had collected his own load of letters over 3 nights and uploaded the results to his quite popular photostream. And then I noticed the username; “dgbalancesrocks”. It occured to me that the latter part of the username must be fairly significant if it had relegated his name to simply initials.That’s how I found out about rock balancing.

Aside from the fact that I think Dave has a fantastic eye for detail, and takes some really lovely photos of things around and about my area (I’m liking the collection of dscreet owls, many of which cover the same parts of town as the EINE letters), and further afield, he also, it seems, balances rocks. I fear have neither the patience nor the sense of balance required for this most zen of pass-times. From street art to beach art, via Bethnal Green, a journey in a lunchtime remembered.

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