Enterprise Mashups?

I’ve never been entirely happy with the phrase when applied to a web application, but I do have to admit it’s just about applicable in context. For me a mashup will always be Bastard Pop and not a way of linking RSS and geolocated widgets together. Anyway, nice post from Dion Hinchliffe and a screencast of an IBM application called QEDWiki. It’s an AJAX application for creating AJAX applications, and this is just the sort of approach to producing web tools I’ve always most admired. Rather than making the tool, you make the tool which makes the tool. It’s a much more lateral “meta” approach than much online development.

I’ve yet to see exactly what makes these tools and applications ready for Enterprise level application, and I guess giving them to suits is a prime way of kicking the fun out of them. So I’ll be watching with the sort of disengaged interest required when watching one of your underground heroes selling out.

A tiny bit of digging has led me to some interesting info – it started life as a wiki built on the Zend framework. And develops the concept of situational applications.

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